​Mini Electric Washing Machine


– Modern, small, easy to use & carry
– Can hold up to 4kg of fabric
– Save electricity and water time
– Transparent machine See the process
– 2 buttons: Washing time & Drying time
– Voltage: 220v, Power: 280W, Frequency: 50Hz9
– 1,300 revolutions / 1 minute
– Product Size: 36x36x49cm/ Box size: 39×37.5×52.5cm
– Material: PP plastic/ Model: JA-03
– N.W / GW: 5.0 / 6.0 kg
Using :
1. Plug in
2. Put the clothes to be washed and liquid detergent into the machine, connect the hose to put water Approximately 70 percent height of the machine.
3. Close the lid and set the time for washing The machine will start to work.
4. After washing has finished To assemble the spin tub together with the machine. And set the timer to spin dry
Suggestion :
1. Do not allow children to use or play alone.
2. After use, should unplug every time
3. Do not take the solid to spin in the washing machine.
4. Do not open the lid while the device is in operation.
5. The washing machine should be placed on the same surface level


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