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106Pcs Cake Decorating Kit

106Pcs Cake Decorating Kit

Material: Stainless Steel, TPU, PP, Silicone

Size: 28 * 28 * 7.3cm/11 * 11 * 2.87 inch

Weight: 0.92kg

Function: Multipurpose, Washable

Suitable For: Baking, Cake Decoration

Occasion: Home, Kitchen

Quantity: 106Pcs/Set

Product Included:

1 * Cake Turntable

48 * Small Icing Tips

6 * Big Icing Tips

1 * 12inch Piping Bag

1 * 14inch Piping Bag

1 * Silicone Cake Decorating Pen

1* Piping Tips Cleaning Brush

2 * Small Couplers

1 * Big Coupler

1 * Cream Straight Spatula

1 * Cream Curved Spatula

1 * Decorating Piping Scissor

2 * Decorative Nails

1 * Three-piece Cream Scraper

1 * Cake Double Cut

12 * Silicone Muffin Cups

25 * Disposable Piping Bag


Revolving Cake Turntable: Turns smoothly in clockwise or anticlockwise direction, can hold a cake up to 11-inches and can even accommodate a larger cake on a cake board.

Numbered Cake Decorating Tips: 6 numbered tips allow you recognize and access them easily, help you create beautiful patterns.

Various Icing Smoother/Spatula: Icing spatula can smooth icing or cut cake. 3 icing smoother are perfect to create no less than 3 kinds of patterns on the side or top of cakes.

Reusable Pastry Bags: With a 12 inches Silicone piping bag which can withstand powerful extrusion and reuse. With the coupler, you can switch tips from one to another easily, no need to use extra frosting bags.

48 Numbered Icing tips: Icing Tips are tiny yet they make up the most important part of the cake decorating set. We offers 48-numbered piping tips along with the pattern chart to get the style of your choice. You get all types of icing tips includingPetal Tips, French Tips, Basket Weave Tips, Open Star Tips, Round Tips, Leaf Tips, and many others. The easy-adjustable tips are both handy for the newbie designers and the pro bakers too.


  • CAKE DECORATING SET FOR BEGINNERS – Our cake decorating kit is​ ​designed​ ​to​ ​help​ ​you​ ​create​ ​your​ ​own​ ​decorative​ ​masterpieces​ ​of​ ​all​ ​shapes and​ ​sizes​, no matter what your ​ ​skill​ ​level may be.​​ These baking supplies include all essential​ ​baking tools​ such as: a cake turntable, piping bags with decorating tips and other decorating tools; no decorating experience needed!
  • SMOOTH REVOLVING TURNTABLE – Revolving cake turntable with blue anti-slip base. Turns smoothly in clockwise or anticlockwise direction, good for both Right & Left handers. Can hold a cake up to 11-inches and can even accommodate a larger cake on a cake board. Ideal for beginners as well as for professionals.
  • USEFUL ACCESSORIES – Use 3 scrapers to smooth icing on sides & top and carve designs. Use 2 couplers to exchange tips without exchanging piping bags. Use cleaning brush to clean narrow top of tips. Use flower nail with petal tip to produce roses. Use flower lifter scissor to shift flower from nail to Cake.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL – 106 Piece kit is a combination of high-quality BPA free Plastic, safe silicone and stainless steel materials decorating tools. Reusable, non-stick, tasteless frosting tool, easy to clean (a little brush clean the tips) and dishwasher safe.
  • DIY CREATIVE CAKE DECORATING SUPPLIES – Our Cake decorating kit for beginner decorating tools that will allow you to hone your creativity in the kitchen. Play with colors, shapes and different flavors, and simply have fun baking and decorating cakes. Bake a cake or other desserts to celebrate special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s day



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