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Baby Swing

Baby Swing

Baby Swing

The swing seat is made from injection moulded HDPE. The rope is made from 10mm polypropylene. The O-rings and eights are made from galvanised steel.
The ropes are ‘welded’ together using black polypropylene. The swing comes complete with a 2.0 metre length of polypropylene rope, O-rings and figure eights (for height adjustment).
Height adjustable from 1.9 m to 2.5 m from ground. Item Height 490mm; Length 360mm; Depth 360mm
The plastic is safe for children and contains no nasty chemicals sometimes found in untested products
Ideal for use with swing a frames, wooden climbing frames or tree mounted swings ropes

All that is required is an adjustment to the height and a swing hook to mount the swing onto. The swing T-bar detaches for easy access. Warnings: This item is for domestic outdoor use only and must be assembled by an adult. Adult supervision is required when using this item.


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