Electronic Computing Price Scale


Electronic Computing Price Scale


  • 5-Digits Weight
  • 5-Digits Unit Price
  • 6-Digits Total Amount
  • Calculates Weight and Price
  • 8 Memory fuction (M1 TO M8)
  • With Amount accumulation (Sum-up) Fuction
  • Put Zero and Tare Fuction
  • Put Zero Bound:<10KG
  • High Precision Load Cell
  • LED/LCD Screen Display
  • Power Saving Fuction,Low Battery Signal
  • Over Weight Protection
  • With 24 Keys Pad
  • Waterproof Key Pad and Control Panel
  • Stainless iron Top Tray
  • Material For Housing: ABS Plastic
  • Rechargeable Battery : 6V Direct Current, 6V/4AH Battery (Can work ABT 24hours After Fully Charged, and 12hours of continuous use)
  • Top Tray Size: 35x33x12cm
  • Unite Color Black/White
  • Power:6V 4AH
  • Cable:175cm Long (Total Length)
  • Input Voltage:AC 110V/220V


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