Cooler Box Without/With Wheels




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Cooler Box Without/With Wheels

This ice box is light weight, strong structure and effective insulation. This isolation box is ideal for families traveling, hiking or on a day trip. A nice cool box can keep food cool for hours with superior foam insulation, and all models of the cool box are equipped with ergonomic handles and a safety lock system.

Without Wheel cover:

Cap:42 liters
Size: 52 * 38 * 40cm

With Wheel cover:

Cap:50 liters
Size: 65 * 42 * 42 cm

Cap: 60 liters
Size: 65 * 44 * 43cm

Cap: 70 liters
Size: 64 * 42 * 45cm


42L, 50L, 60L, 70L


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