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Window Cleaning Robot Machine Remote Control

Window Cleaning Robot Machine Remote Control

Window Cleaning Robot Machine Remote Control

X6 is a square shape, single-sided Window cleaning robot. Its high-speed vacuum motor keeps it steadily stuck on the surface of the glass and even walls. The 2 patented, high-friction and anti-slippery silicone belts enable the robot to move freely on the surfaces. The fiber mopping clothes are specially designed for the robot to offer the best cleaning results and they can be easily taken off for washing and reuse.


Adhesive type

Vacuum, Square

Cleaning pattern

Linear clean

Glass thickness limitation


Cleaning speed

2.4 mins/meter^2

Auto-cleaning mode

3 modes

Safety rope strength



> 40cm x 40cm

Allowed surface roughness

<1.5 mm

Machine size



1.2 Kg

Power range

100~240V, 50~60Hz

Power consumption


microfiber cloth




Available window

Medium & Large scale window



Main Features:

  • Applicable on glass of any thickness
  • Artificial Intelligent technology applied
  • Long distance remote controller
  • Can be used on frameless Window
  • Auto stop after work completed
  • Fast cleaning speed up to 2.4mins per square meter
  • Specially designed fiber mopping cloth
  • Built in Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)
  • 3 Auto Cleaning¬†Modes
  • Highly reliable Anti-falling algorithm
  • Auto and Manual remote control
  • High Strength safety rope holds up to 150kgf
  • Low power consumption (65W, 100~240VAC, 50~60Hz)


  • Cop Rose X6 unit
  • 4 x mircofibre clothes
  • Remote controller
  • Power lead & extension lead
  • Safety rope
  • Manual




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