Adjustable Folding table

Adjustable Folding table

Adjustable Folding table


This table mate simply takes about a minute to assemble, no tool or fasteners is required .
It also can be folded away for easy storage. Perfect for indoor (home or office ) or outdoor (camping and picnics) uses.
It can fold into a semi-folded position for storage next to a chair or a completely folded configuration for storage under a sofa or in a cupboard.
Ideal for people in a limited space environment & also for anyone with mobility problems, or recovering from an injury, illness or operation.
1.Easy to clean, strong and stable
2. 6 different height adjustments; 3 different angles
3. Adjust to fit body size, activity or chair
4. Distance between legs – 46 cm (18.25 ins)
5.Lightweight but very sturdy – holds up to 22.70 kg (50 lbs)
6.Adjusts to 6 heights – from 55.8 cm (22 ins) to 73.5 cm (29 ins)
7.Table-top: 53cmx 40cm
8. Remove the legs easily by pushing out the push pins for easy
9.Perfect for Dinner in front of the TV, Laptops, Children Drawing or Craftwork




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