Extensible Wall Clothesline

Extensible Wall Clothesline

Accordion Extensible Aluminium Wall Clothesline

Aluminum 5 Bars Lining.
Reinforced support extenders and 3 mm thick
When folded occupies minimum space
Includes necessary plugs and screws for easy mounting
Install a clothesline is a very simple operation for which we do not need more than an inclinometer, a drill, a screwdriver, a wrench and little else. Following these steps, within minutes we placed a new clothesline wall which will save space.
Step by step to place a clothesline clothing extensible
step 1
First measure the height from the ground to which you want to install the clothesline and mark the point. With this reference, we present one of the two brackets on the wall clothesline, leveled and mark the other point of attachment.
step 2
To measure the width between the two supports the clothesline, screwed one of the bars that hang clothes and then measure the distance between the two mounting holes where the screws go. Then transfer this measurement to the wall, mark and repeat the same process with the second support.
step 3
Then drilled in the above points, we put the plugs with a hammer and put the brackets with a few screws. With the two parts of clothesline attached to the wall and just have to go holding the bars on both sides with nuts.
step 4
Finally, we display the clothesline completely and let trims placing above each nut to prevent them from rusting. Finally, you’re all set to hang clothes.


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100cm, 120cm, 140cm


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