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Rechargeable Electric Mosquito Swatter


Rechargeable Electric Mosquito Swatter


1. Safe for human and pets, two external layers protect human and pets against accidental low power shock.
2. The newest electric rechargeable swatter, the most effective bug zapper to fight against mosquitoes,flies,gnats,bees and any flying (or crawling) insects and bugs.
3. Great for use at BBQ’s, while camping, fishing, hiking, outdoor sporting events, parties or even just relaxing.
Leaves no smudge, smear or mess to clean up after, no splats or smears on your clean walls, windows, lighting fixtures, and furniture.

Rechargeable Type:
1. It furnihes 2 pcs. of 1.2V high quality rechargeable batteries which can by recharged in recycle for more than 600 times. It is quite practical and economic
2. Twice-speed discharge: It adopts an innovative twice-speed discharge circuit which can output 3800V in a moment.So,it has the best result for result forhitting mosquito
3. Electric Shockproof Net: It can kill mosquito which is sucking blood on human bodies but it is harmless to human. When touching the net on flat surface,without any feeling of electric shock,so,it is safe for use
4. Leakproof Net: It consists on a special 3-layer net which can easily catch insect and never leak out
5. With US charger plug
6. With on-off switch and LED indicator
7. With Light for lighting in the dark

1. When charging, please use AC 100-240V, 50 HZ power source.
2. Before using, please charge the batteries for 8-15 hours. They can be recharged in recycle for 600 times.
3. When hitting insect, you can easily kill them just by pressing it’s switch.
4. When the indicator twinkle, it indicate that the batteries run out. Then, the swatter should be recharged for 8-15 hours.

Charge Voltage: 220V
Size: 220mm * 45mm * 500mm(L * W * H)
Color: as picture shows(send by random)



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