Multifunction Portable Steamer Household Steam Cleaner


Product Description
This is our Portable Multi Purpose Handheld Steam Cleaner, which is of a 1050-Watt heating system and will offers high-temperature and high-pressure steam to deep clean and Sanitize you whole Home. This Steam Cleaner has the perfect attachments to sanitize every inch of your home The Steamer works on almost any hard surface, including windows, sinks, stoves, countertops, refrigerators, floor boards and shower doors. It’s also a fabric steamer to remove clothing wrinkles.

Brand new and high quality
High-temperature and high-pressure steam can clean and Disinfect most of the surface and deodorize
Chemical-free, very environmental
Multi Purpose with different functional accessories for cleaning, killing bacteria, removing clothing wrinkles
Higher safety with over heated protection
Supplied with 3-pin power plug
Durable boiler body with extra-thick inner wall
Easy to use
Disinfection and sterilization
Cleaning the clothes
Cleaning doors and windows
Cleaning the floor boards

Color: Yellow
Rating of power supply:AC110-120V/60Hz,with earthed jack,and allowed current is greater than 5A
Warm Up Time: 3 Minutes
Tank capacity:350ml
Optiona capacity:250ml
Rated power:900-1050W
Steam pressure:3bar
Injected steam capacity:28g/min
Functioning temperature : 275°F / 135°C
Overall dimension:11”×5.5”×8.3”(L×W×H)
Power Cord Length:10Ft


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