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Watermelon Knife Slicer

Watermelon Knife Slicer

Watermelon Knife Slicer


This ingenious tool to cut and serve the watermelon in a fast and clean way, you can slice and extract pulp from the watermelon with just an easy gesture, it is a best solution for your kitchen.
Slices your Watermelon allowing you to scoop and cut out pieces, Just hold it in your hand, and enjoy your cool summer.
. Great gift for every home!
. Get the most out of your watermelon
. It is easy to clean with water or napkin.
. Useful for parties in the Summer season
. Your friends will be impressed by your even slices and how fast you make them. Don’t tell them the secret of your new watermelon slicer
. Material: Stainless Steel, Color: Silver
. Size: Approx. 22×2.5cm, Weight: 155g



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