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Large Digital Electronic Safe Box

Large Digital Electronic Safe Box

Large Digital Electronic Safe Box

Great security for rapid deposit such as cash, paperwork, or employee turnover. The user can easily program the electronic lock by bypassing the “Security Key”. The code consists of 3-8 PIN programmed and safe keyless design for you. Magnetic lock to lock cabinet automatically without any keys or PIN code. Timeout after 3 incorrect combination attempts. The safe works on 4 1.5V AA batteries, with an average service life of 3,000 times. The cabinets have 4 pre-installed holes for floor, wall, or cabinet mounting.

39x39x33 cm 16 kg

50x40x33 cm 17 kg


1. Material: stainless steel

2. Color: white/Black

3. Opens with digital PIN or bypass key included

4. One-key hidden lock

5. The security code is 3-8 numbers, using any number from 0-9

6. The timeout period passed after 3 incorrect combination attempts

7.Constructed with 2mm thick steel steel

8.4 mm thick front door for added security

9. Pre-drilled holes behind the cabinet with 2-inch fixing screws

10. Inner hinges against tampering

11. Fill the carpet on the bottom from the inside

12- Fixing to the floor, wall or cabinet


Operation: Digital PIN or bypass KeyOriginal code: 159, then press A or B

Body thickness: 2mm stainless steel

Door thickness: 4mm stainless steel

Battery required: 4 x AA 1.5V

Lead time: 3 attempts


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39x39x33, 50x40x33


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