Large Flat Mop Bucket


New Large Automatic Dehydration Free Hand Lazy Flat Mop Bucket Set Reinforcement Rod Rotating Mop Gluing Type Multi-function Mop

  • Material: stainless steel shaft, pp plastic (new material 100%), micro carbon fiber cloth
  • Vertically Stand Dry
  • Easily assembled and washable pieces
  • microfiber anti-bacterial clothes for mopping
  • Wide plate and super smooth squeeze
  • Hands free self-cleaning mop with winger
  • Microfibre Mop Head
  • Standard mop size: 35 cm in length and 12 cm in width
  • Scope of application: wooden floor, tile floor, marble
  • Use of venues: hotels, hotels, business buildings, units, supermarkets, fast food restaurants, families, etc.


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