Multi-Function Telescopic Framework

Multi-Function Telescopic Framework

  • Multi-Function Telescopic Framework.
  • Product Type: Telescopic Framework.
  • 2 Layer multipurpose stand shelf for your kitchen.
  • Use it for shelves above the microwave oven.
  • Convenient side hooks for hanging cloth, oven mitts, gloves or other lightweight kitchen accessories.
  • Multipurpose - apart from using as microwave oven rack, it can be used as a general purpose storage rack.
  • Height and Width Adjustable (49-80cm) for easily fitting above most microwave ovens.
  • Use in Tableware, use in the kitchen, advantage.
  • Size: Height - 60 cm, Width - 47-80 cm (Adjustable) made from good-quality ABS and stainless steel material.



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