Portable Celluless Body Vacuum

Portable Celluless Body Vacuum


1. Compact size: Portable and easy to use.

2. Effect: Making your skin tight, firm and young looking.

3. Wide application: Ideal for arms, abdomen, back, hips, buttocks, legs.

4. Interchangeable cups with rollers. Suction variable for deep massage. Tone muscles and release tension.




1. It will visibly smooth the skin and help to improve and firm up loose skin.

2. Slims, smoothes and contours the body.

3. Leaves skin with a radiant, even complexion.

4. Does not have side effects like surgery and injections do.




Color: white & gray

Material: plastic+silicone

AC adapter: EU Plug

Input: 100-240v AC, 50/60 Hz

Output: 3v, 400mA





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