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Reversible Sofa Cover

Reversible Sofa Cover

1.This cover does a good job at protecting the sofa from paw prints and pet fur. What’s more, It also helps with liquids to some extent and works well to keep the hair and slobber off the couch

2.Great for homes with kids and pets and protects your furniture from stains and hair. Worrying about spills, stains, messy accidents, children or pets ruining your furniture is now a thing of the past

3.EASY CARE – Soil resistant fabric not show to dirt, washes and dries without shrinking

4.Easy to install with cushion anchors to ensure stability – Stay in it’s place not slipping down as some sofa protectors

Single Seat 54cm

Double Seat 117.5cm

Three Seat 147cm


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Double Seat, Single Seat, Three Seat


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